after reading texasmammies latest entry, i decided to do a meme. might be fun …
  i love art by max perrish. i think he is my favorite painter.
  i like black and white photography.
  i rather listen to gregorian chants than blues, jazz, or classical music. the one exception is bach. otherwise i do have an eclectic taste in music. i like electronic, alternative, and heavy metal. i also like some new age stuff. i dont care much for country or hiphop.
  i would rather have white gold, silver, pewter, or iron, than yellow gold. its so much more glittery …
  in grade school my nickname was possum. it was not a term of endearment. to this day i like possums.
  i quit school after tenth grade. i hated school. i didnt feel i was getting anything out of it.
  in my mythology class i wrote an extensive paper on vampirism, detailing the myths and legends. it was stolen the day before i had to give my report, which happened to be my final. i8 still gave the report, because i knew it by heart, but my grade suffered because i didnt have the paper. i never found out whether it was stolen at home or at school.
  in sixth grade we had an art contest in my class. we had three major pieces of art to pick from and copy. i picked van gogh’s sunflowers, and won the competition for that picture. i have always been good at drawing.
  i plan on getting my pilots license eventually.
  i cant type without looking. i cant play the piano from music, although i know how to read music. i have to work out each note, and learn the song, and then play it by memory. then i can put my feeling into it.
  my mother taught me to like bagpipe music. i used to listen to her practice when she was in a band, way back when i was very little.i still remember the smell of honey and whiskey she used to condition the bag.
thats enough to get you thinking …