well we went and saw the house. i was kind of disappointed. its hard not to get a little excited when the discription sounds so desirable, and the pictures dont quite tell the whole story.

it is a cute house, no doubt. there were a lot of features i liked about it. it has a box window the cats would have loved. it has beveled glass cabinet doors. it has loys of windows, and they hav all been replaced with aluminum frames and lock in two places each. and there is great potential to decorated how one likes. the yard is nice, and with a little extra seeding could be very lush.

the down side is its way too small. there are termites inder the crawl space access to beneath the house. when i asked the owner how cool the three window units kept it, she merely said ‘comforatble’ – comfortable to me is around 68º. there isnt much cabinet space, even if the doors are cute. there is a history of flooding in that area – it is rather close to the arkansas river, and not on high ground. it also happens to be directly across the river from sun oil refinery, which frequently creates a seriously pungent smell in the whole area.

then there is the neighborhood. we got there thirty minutes early, so we drove around in circles observing the activity that goes on there. i saw about a dozen people milling about here and there, walking around with no apparent direction, or hanging out on porches smoking and drinking beer. family people dont generally do that, even if it is a saturday. it was only 12:30. there was an odd mix of very nice little houses, and dilapitated boarded up shacks. there were a lot of old pickups parked every where. not a neiborhood i want to deliberately move into.

i didnt take any pictures. im not taking the house.

in other news:

bougar seems considerably better. still going to get the ultrasound to make sure of what we’re dealing with.

sammy is doing well on dry KD food, but seems to have developed an insatiable thirst since her most recent event. i still give her fluids subcu three times a week. safe to say shes hydrated …

i am thoroughly enjoying this three day weekend. its gotten really busy at work, and we’re hardly ever slow anymore. after a four day work week, and a weekend, and another four day work week, we will have another three day weekend. we have the 14th scheduled off. ahhh … vacation good.

so, im off to scout my current nieghborhood for houses for sale. i bet i find a good one.