this has been a strange year weatherwise. it was so rainy this spring and into the early part of the summer. sad that a lot of people lost their homes and possesions during that time, when some of the creeks and ‘rivers’ overflowed their banks and flood neighborhoods. it finally got hot in late july and into august. it got pretty hot for the duration of the month, but has already started cooling down. this was also a year for several groups of cicadas to emerge, and the ragweed was early too. i dont know that much about cicadas. i just know there is more than one kind. one stays buried for seven years, one for thirteen, or something like that. i guess several emerged together this year. they always make the trees sound like theyre live with electricity. 
temps are starting to cool down now. im not disappointed that we had such a short summer. im relieved. today started out much cooler, even though it was a bit sticky still. its only 80º now, at 11:30am. it may get up around 90º+, but the trend is cooler.
bougar has had a bout with something. she lost some weight, and was acting like she didnt feel good. she has kinky hips anyway, and they bother her. but then she had some diarrhea, so we took her in for a check up. seems her liver enzymes were too high. wednesday she goes back for an ultra sound, and we are awaiting more results from blood tests. vet put her on liver pills, and it has made a difference. she acts like she feels better, and no more squirts. oh thank God for that! well, we thanked God for more than that, because as always we laid hands on her and claimed the promise in psalm 145:14-16
"the Lord upholds all that fall, and raises up all those that are bowed down.
the eys of all wait upon You, and You give them their meat in due season.
You open Your hand, and satisfy the desire of every living thing."
later today, when the beau gets back from the postal office, we are going to look at a house for sale. its seems like a pretty good deal, and theyre asking $65k which is a great price even here. i wasnt looking for a house, because we are planning to move back to oregon/washington next year. but this one fell into my lap. my friend at work has a daughter who just got her real estate license, and although she isnt the realtor for this house, still told her mother who told me. so far im liking what i see. but im staying reserved until i see it, and find out a few more things. im going to take a few pictures.