everyone has likely been wondering where ive been. alot has been going on.

first, sammy had some issues again. very perplexing thing it was. about a month ago, maybe only three weeks, i dont remember for sure, she seemed to be losing her taste for her special diet. she hadnt lost her appetite, and was quite interested in the other cats food. she didnt want hers. cats, unlike humans, dont desire a lot of diversity in their diet. i dont know know what the problem was. one morning, after a couple of days of this, she threw up what seemed like two days worth of catfood, and had diarrhea too. (i know, yuck). it smelled like something rotten, way worse than it should have. there was blood in the stool, as well as cat hair. she has a weird habbit of pulling thors hair off his head and eating it like she used to do to a siamese i used to have, so i thought perhaps this had caused a minor blockage and resulted in some irritation. the subsequent exam after she expelled a second time revealed no bacteria, and her bloodwork was the best its been in years. i changed her diet from canned to the dry version of her food, and she likes it. she never acted sick, in spite of the diarrhea, which after the first two bouts had no smell at all. things are finally creeping back to normal. i havent given her this many baths since she was a kitten and had an intestinal problem then too. then our computer was acting up during this time. it had been getting slower, and acting strange. i thought it was msn’s most recent changes on my other site. i couldnt even access my blog there. but the problems were more across the board, and finally it shut itself down. so last friday we took it to the geek squad at best buy. we had a couple of spywares that had gotten past our defenses. but there was also dust and dog hair inside the frame that was choking the fan and had covered the circuitry. we had the system wiped, so i lost all the pictures i hadnt put on disk yet. oh well.there will be changes in how often and how well the computer/dog room gets vacuumed.i have also discovered that our chow has pica. pica is a disorder that results in eating things that are not food. people that have pica have been known to eat ciggarette butts, nails, rocks, dirt, and all kinds of stuff. dogs can have pica, and may lick the carpet or floor, and eat dirt or rocks. she doesnt eat rocks, so its basically harmless. just annoying. my coworker has a dog that does the same.so, im back for the moment. i will be getting out to visit everyone this weekend.