several things have been  have been taking up my time and attention lately. its been somewhat distracting.
one of our cats, thor, has had a UTI for three weeks now.  he has had them before, but usually one round of clavmox takes care of it. this time he took two rounds, and still the problem remains. last week, at his second vet appointment, they were unable to get a sufficient sample to culture, but took x-rays which showed no evidence of blockage or stones. that was good news. we were told to bring him back on thursday for ultrasound and another try at a culture. during the week he calmed down and was using the box normally. till yesterday. all the squatting and in and out of the box started up again. sigh. poor kittie. im sure he is uncomfortable. so today i will take him in for the ultrasound, and hope they can get a sample to culture.
thor was born at the plant the beau works at, five years ago. the mother was killed before her litter had opened their eyes. the beau found homes for the others, and brought the noisiest one home. we weened him, and he grew up to be 10 lbs of stripey sweetness, and sammys best friend and bodyguard.
i am also trying to find the father of my son. he wants to meet his father, and is looking forward to it. im sure his father will be glad to meet him as well. but i was surprised to find so many people in washington state with the same name. a bit intimidating. i did manage to find some mutual friends from when i was married to him, whom i will always be friends with. they helped him look me up in 1991, right after i moved to oklahoma. he called me then to ask my forgiveness for leaving the way he did. we were so young then. i forgave him. im hoping maybe they know where he is, and call me back. i had to leave a messege. we will see. i really want to help my son find his father. he needs to know him. i never got know mine. i have no desire to reconnect with him myself. im happy with my beau. i just want my son to be able to.
ill let you know what happens.