ok. here’s my story. i went skydiving, for the first – and last – time, with my beau last week. everything was going just fine. we were 10,000 ft up. sky was clear as the caribbean sea. light breeze barely felt. and we jumped.

ah the feel of the air as i went ripping through it. felt like i was floating. looked as if everything was standing still. i took it all in as if i were dreaming.

then about 2,000 ft i pulled the cord, and … nothing. argh! ok, no problem. i had a back up. i pulled that one, and it deployed! yea! um … oops. no wait, it twisted. uh oh. but now a rather strong breeze had me, and was blowing me way off course, right into a large, bare pecan tree.

right after i crashed through the limbs of this old tree, that seemed to have its branches raised to catch me, my shoot caught on one of the limbs, and snapped me into another limb, breaking my fall, and nearly breaking me.

but im ok now. just a few bruises and scratches …

thats my story, and im sticking to it.