ive been playing with my fax/copy machine a liitle bit lately, getting more familiar with all it does. it scans photos pretty nicely. here is the first one i tried –

i think it came out nicely. we call her blondie. she has a wonderful personality.
i have a lot of pictures to go thru and get organized. its a daunting task for some one who is hyper, such as myself. i have the albums, a few frames, and disks to load them on. its going to take some time. now that i can scan, it will be much easier.
  its looking like we arent moving as soon as i thought we would be able to. the beau found out his 401K wont mature until april of ’08. sigh. he cant have it without penalty for 60 days after that. but it will be a good chunk of money. even after the government takes its share.
two weeks from today the date will be 07/07/07, and it will be the seventh day of the week. a day of sevens. i like seven. it is the number of completion. im going to celebrate on that day.
i am happy to say that all the recent health issues are behind us, the house smells good, and the continuing rains are keeping the temperature down below 100°f. it usually isnt much above 80°, but has been in the 90°s a few times. then it stormed, and cooled down again. last wednesday night we had a raucus storm sit right on top of us. there was much lighting, which was hitting all around us. our dogs were scared, so we brought them into our room till it was over. but when the licky dog noises started … back to their oun room! then maggie decided to rip off like a bottle rocket over our heads just as we were falling asleep for the third time. about 2am i finally really got to sleep. yea. time to get up in an hour and a half. yes, i get up that early. its a long story. maybe next time.
ok … well, there you have it.