we have had a lot of rain this spring. more than usual. every few days we get a strong deluge, and the street becomes a river. the back yard has been a pond more than once. kramer, the turtle we keep in the back yard in his own pen that we built for him, loves the rain. he loves water. he’s a water turtle in a land turtle’s body. last week the lee found another turtle, a male just like kramer but smaller and with some old scars to his shell. he brought it home, named it newman, and set it in the pen with kramer. the pen was flooded by the rains we were having that afternoon, and kramer was happily bobbing around in the abundance of water. silly turtle.

i, for one, love the rains. except for the challenge of doing rudimentary yard work, and the multitude of mosquitos, so does lee. it is the reason everything is so green.

the down side of the rains has been the puddles. by itself, it isnt a problem. but cinnamon likes to eat. everything. she experienced a serious lack of provisions in her early puppyhood, an assumption based on our knowledge of where she came from and in what setting she lived. and that she has gained about 15lbs since living with us. our vet says that often dogs who start out with lack develop a scarf mentality, from never knowing when and where the next meal might be. cinnamon is like this. she eats anything not nailed down, including kitty roca (ok, guess what that is). she has caught birds and eaten them before we could stop her. she hasnt gotten a squirrel yet, but i dont really want her to. she is always snuffling the ground and eating stuff. the amazing thing is she didnt have giarrdia.

after all the rain, and the puddles laying about, cinnamon contracted quite a bout of diarrhea. argghh. it was a big challenge, because we had many messes to clean up in the computer/dog/caged animal room. good thing it has hard wood flooring. but we had to take the dogs bedding to the laundromat. lee did that friday while i was at work, since he took the day off and also took cinnamon to the vet. well, we wanted to get her on a wellness plan anyway, like sammy and bougar are. we want to get them all signed up. its like insurance. sort of. any, we found something cinnamon doesnt like. pills. we actually have to force her to swallow the pills and wormer stuff the vet gave us. made some great faces while she was having to swallow them. she is already better, however.

as for my house hunt, the challenge i am faced with is that i am preapproved for $125K for a home loan. that is based on my wages here, and the price of homes here. if i were going to buy a house here, i could get a nice one, and have my payments at about what im paying for rent now. out on the northwest coast, the wages and the house prices are higher. the realtors i have talked to tell me i wont have much to choose from with the amount i have to work with. i know that. what i also know, and they apparently dont, is that all things are possible to them that believe. i happen to believe that, based on my covenant with God, i have more to choose from. i dont have to take their answers, and their limitations. i can have the house i want. i am a covenant child, a covenant woman. God is my source, my supply, my Provider. He has the perfect house for me. He will provide. i am unconcerned. whether it will be my sister’s house, or some log house in the woods, He will provide.