im a bit sleepy this rainy sunday morning. around 2am, the beau was awakened by a car driving too slowly down our street, with the pumping base just audible. just about thirty seconds later he was outside, silent as a cat, watching. he saw the car, a light colored vehicle. he also saw a car on the next block, the parked car of the older man who lives on the next corner, with its door open. im not sure if the light colored car was gone by now, but the door to the parked car was quietly, slowly closing. maybe its own weight drawing it closed. he didnt see anyone in or leaving the car.
it took fifteen minutes for the squad car to get there. the officer noted the parked car, then pounded on the door of the resident to inform him his car had been broken into. the window was broken and his car stereo was gone. then he came down to take a statement from the beau. i heard the police helicopter circling for a while, before i fell back to sleep.
this kind of thing makes me angry. we have a pretty crime free neighborhood, but not fool proof by any means. this is why we dont jam our garage with junk so that we cant put the car in at night. attempting to break into our car, or our house, isnt advised. it wouldnt do to try to gain entrance to our neighbors, either.
on another note, after 23 days of coughing and hacking, i am finally almost clear again. never in my life have i had something so long. i wonder if the amoxicillin i took at the onset killed off the weaker bugs, and left the more virulent virals to multiply. or perhaps this was a monster strain. im pretty tough. i never get sick as a rule. the beau had it for a week, and he is asthmatic. how insulting! most of the people where he works that had it were sick for three weeks as well. but no one where i work got it from me. good thing. im good at keeping my germs contained. i never was ‘sick’. i had no fever, i felt strong, except when i couldnt quite breathe. still, shortness of breath isnt like being weak. it was more annoying than anything.
sammy has another change now. when she first was Dx’d with diabetes, she was put on humulin (human insulin) because cat insulin was no longer being made. ½ unit, twice a day. have you ever seen an insulin syringe? the units are microscopic! see those little lines between the numbers? those are each one unit.

sammy never did well on this insulin. she crashed three times. the last time she quit breathing, and voided. we almost lost her. that was in 2001. after that, we (us and our vet) finally found the right combination of treatment. kitten food, with high protein and low carbs, and glipizide .05 mg, twice a day. we kept her blood sugar at 90 for the next several years. when her kidneys started to fail, we had to change her diet to hills k/d, which is low in protien, but higher in carbs and fat. of course her blood sugar went up. to 300.

but now they are making cat insulin again. pzi-vet cat insulin, with its own syringes. the units are larger, and easier to measure. i still have to measure ½ unit for now, as we are just starting this and need to see how it goes. but its much easier to get the correct dose.

so far she is taking it well, and doesnt miss me jamming pills down her throat. her appetite is better than ever, and she seems more satisfied. maybe she will gain a pound or two now. 

other than that, we are having a nice weekend off. the beau is back to 10 hour days, plus 8 on saturdays, through july, so this three day weekend is a real nice thing. doing much of nothing, ya know?