its been almost three weeks now since the little invader came to my house. some nasty little virus swept through here, making camp at the plant where my beau works. it had several versions of how it manifested. he caught it as it floated around the air, i guess, as half the 800 employees had it. he was sick for a week, with weakness, congestion, fever. he took one sick day. the doctor on site, provided for those who have the company insurance, wouldnt give him anything, claiming antibiotics are over used. he didnt yet have a new primary care doctor, since his family doc was killed in a small plane crash several months ago. my doctor just recently agreed to see him. i started to have congestion, and my doctor called in some amoxicillin. i shared it with him, since i didnt feel as bad as he did. that was on the 3rd of may. if the amoxicillin was going to work, it would have anyway. my system is strong. this virus was stronger. my case developed into acute bronchitis. thats not worse than chronic. its just sudden, and of less duration than three months. these last three weeks feels like three months, though. im so tired of hacking. i didnt get week like my beau. i got a hacking cough brought on by lots of congestion. i went to see my dr and he gave me a tougher antibiotic. and sent me home from work. i stayed home the next day also. i am finally getting past the peak of it. bleh.

the same day i stayed home, i took sammy in for a check up. her glipizide isnt enough to counter the kidney Rx diet, which has more carbs. her blood sugar was up to 400. so she is going to start getting insulin. back when this all started, they had quit making cat insulin, and the only choice was humilin – for humans. she crashed several times on ½ unit. thats when we moved her kitten food, high in protein and low in carbs, and glipzide. her blood sugar was 90 consistently. until her kidneys began to fail. sigh. but now they make cat insulin again, which is made just for the feline system. ‘spensive stuff, at $150 something per bottle. but it should last a while.

my son called me on mothers day. yea!!!! that was the best gift! it was wonderful to talk to him. he has had it pretty intense training, now that his unit is going back to iraq in september. that will be a seven month deployment. then God will bring him home safely as previously promised, and he will be getting out soon after that. then he plans to join the police department, or the sheriffs department. eventually wants to move back to the northwest. my daughter in law is going to have their baby in november. she sent me ultrasound images. yea again!!! i cant wait to see the new baby! i feel so close to her, and so much closer to my son now. its wonderful. God has so kept His promises to me so far!

so, thats what ive been up to this last few weeks. still working on plans to move. ah, my heart is already there.