going on 13 days now.
what i thought was a nasty cold turned out to be bronchitis. may 3rd i asked my doctor for something to try and ward off a bug that way claiming victims right and left. it caught like wildfire where the beau works. half the plant was taken by this nasty little invader. the beau got sick, had a fever, and felt like roadkill for a week. i started my amoxicillin, but shared it with him because the doctor on site at his job thinks antibiotics are too overused, and didnt give him anything.
i wasnt to bad the first week, and he got better.
by the second weekend, i was worse. lots of coughing, and congestion. at least i never had a fever. i went to work monday, and had a serious coughing fit. i made an appointment for tuesday to see my doctor. that turned out to be a very good thing, because i was getting very short of breath. whatever it was, it was resistant to the amoxicillin, so he gave me five days of moxifloxacin (brand name is avelox) 400 mg each. i havent really felt bad, just breathless. very breathless. and he sent me home. like an idiot, i tried to go to work today, against the beau’s advise. my co worker asked me what i was doing there. i replied that since the other woman was on vacation, i didnt want to leave her by herself. her retort to that was, ‘now i smell burning flesh’ (i tell her that when she’s being a martyr). duh. she was right. i was being a martyr. so i went home like a good girl.
its felt so good not to have to talk to anyone, sitting on my futon reading my ‘jack the ripper’ book the beau gave me for mother’s day, sleeping when i get sleepy, and not having to move much. i will probably be able to go back to work tomorrow. but for now, im just resting. i dont think ive ever had bronchitis before. if i did, it was when i was little. i used to get strep throat all the time. i was 21 the last time i had that. and 23 the last ime i had the flu. i just dont get sick. so a sick day is a novel thing for me.
w if i could just get my breath …