its hard for people to understand when one doesnt particularly set a day aside that everyone else does. especially when its easter sunday. especially when one is a Christian. people get very indignant about it. some almost take it personally, as if you were insulting God by not setting apart easter or any other day routinely recognised as holy.
the bible has some exortation for us on this matter. in romans chapters 13, 14, and 15 the topic is walking in your convictions regarding matters not vital to salvation, and doing so in such a way that you dont cause your brother to stumble if his convictions are a little stricter. for example, some people are ardently opposed to eating certain meats. some are opposed to eating meats on certain days. some have liberty to eat any food and have a clear conscience before God. when God showed peter, as explained in acts, that gentiles were as welcome to come to God by faith as jews were, He at the same time declared all meats were clean and one wasnt defiled by eating them. in fact, all meats had always been clean. the difference had been made under the law to show the difference between being in Gods care in covenant with Him as opposed to not. one is made ‘clean’ and able to withstand the presence of God without being destroyed by His glory, and one is not. its not that God wants to destroy anyone. its that death resides in man, and cannot withstand the glory of God. but that is another post for another day. the point here is that all meat is ok to eat, God wont be offended.
so back to what i was saying about days. its the same principle. some people feel deeply in their heart that certain days are more holy than others. some feel all days are holy. and we arent to upbraid each other over it. neither are we to try to get someone to indulge in our liberty if they arent fully persueded in their own hearts about it. it will cause him to stumble and feel condemned before God. thats not love.
the law was given to lead men to Christ – the Anointed One and His Anoiting. it served several purposes. it served as a boundary to keep people from losing control altogether. it served as a demonstration of what perfection before God really is. it also showed us how impossible it is for us to live up to it perfectly. one slip is as good as a thousand. imperfection is imperfection. God had another plan for getting us into heaven. one that didnt depend on us doing anything other that accepting it (thats the part that gives most people the problem).
everyday is easter to me. or resurrection day, as i call it. every day i celebrate the death, burial, and resurection of Jesus Christ. without it i would never have come into covenant with God. i would never have begun to know what the blessing of abraham is. or what its like having my spirit infused with the Holy Spirit. i dont chide people who celebrate easter sunday. they do it unto God, in thanks and love. thats cool. i do it every day. doesnt stop me from taking part in some of the traditions of some days, like a meal on thanksgiving, or giving and receiving on christmas. but every day is holy unto the Lord to me.
holy, by the way, only means set apart as special. like for a special purpose. unlike ‘holy water’ which is thought to be infused with some supernatural properties because someone said words over it. its just wet, like any other water. holy is a matter of personal regard. like i am holy unto God, because He counts me as set apart from the worlds use and only for His use. i count myself the same too. im not infused with any special powers or properties because of that. it doesnt make me better than anyone else. it just means im dedicated to one thing. living my life for Gods pleasure and glory. He lives His for mine, after all.
so. i said all this to say, happy easter. its a fine holiday. whether you have it once a year, or every day 🙂

my beau gave me a sweet little picture card for easter. he really searched to find this one. i have to share it, because its so cute!
dont you just love it?