im not going to be angry about it, because i have done it before to patients where i work. but i was sorely disappointed yesterday, when my phone rang as i was getting ready for my long awaited dyslexia testing. the person calling was the receptionist from dr sweet’s office, asking why i missed my appointment thursday. thursday?  i asked for good friday when i stopped by the clinic to see what it was like, and to make the appointment in person. somehow i got put on the schedule for thursday. and yes, she had called me on wednesday to remind me, but with my week being so crazy busy i guess it didnt register that she said “confirm for tomorrow’, and my days were a bit off anyway. happens when i have a short week sometimes. so i didnt get to go friday like i had asked for. sigh. we decided to reschedule when i am at work, so i can see when i can get another day off. i guess i will get to experience a little more anticipation.

on the bright side, i was able to get a bottle of xyience ’seVen’ weight loss formula finally! xyience is a good product, from what the research shows, so in thirty days i will see if it works as well as they say. i am excited, anyway. started it this morning.

i am enjoying my three day weekend, in spite of my minor disappointment yesterday. i had a really good hair day. today we are going to go see a movie at the theater. have to find a good one. and i HAVE to do my taxes this weekend. its not that hard, because i use turbo tax, and that really makes it easy. walks me through it, prompts me to all the write offs and deductions, and gets my returns sent to my bank account. sound like a commercial, dont i?

next weekend i also get a three day weekend, but friday i have more dr’s appointments. just wellness stuff. poking, prodding, smushing. fun stuff. *bleh*

so, what are your plans for the weekend?