i am sooo glad this week is over! gracious i am tired … hell week at the clinic. boss was on vacation all week and i had too much to do to get into trouble. sigh. you know, the phones just rang off the hook all week long! and we had three doctors in three out of four days this week. that means patients coming and going a lot, since all follow ups are only 15 minute time slots, and many get done faster than that. only new consults get 45 minutes to an hour. our doctors are in clinic half the day, on days they have clinic. the rest of the time is spent doing rounds and consults at the hospital. we are also the only infectious disease clinic within 100 miles. we are a busy clinic indeed. we see most of the HIV patients in the area, as well as post surgery infections, non healing wounds, staph, ulcers, bone infections, URIs, UTIs, and other stuff. ill have two docs in the morning and one in the afternoon, or the other way around. add to that all the phone calls, and you get a very busy day. all week! i am sooo tired!
but i now have a three day week end. bosses are all catholic, so no clinic on good friday. yaHOO!
still, tomorrow i have my appointment with the optomitrist who is going to test my eyes for things like tracking, equal visual acuity (ie both eyes seeing the same degree – 20-20), and other things. these things relate to possible dyslexia. i am excited to see the results. i still want to see a psychologist, for several things really. but ADHD and dyslexia are among the top 10 reasons. of all the appoinments i have coming up, this one is the only one i am looking forward to.
easter, ot resurrection day as i call it, is this week. i for one, probably wonty post the usual stuff that so many write about at this time. but later this week i will be writing about reurrection. expect it to be different.
we swa ‘300’ last week at IMAX. it was awesome. go see it. you will find it a good tribute to a historical event, as well as a visual treat.
the cleaning crew where we work has been getting into our food things. for instance, if a drug rep leaves us cookies or the like, we leave what we dont eat in our kitchen for the next day. the cleaning crew is supposed to leave our food alone. they are supposed to clean our floors and bathrooms well. they havent cleaned well in a long time, and no amount of complaining has made any difference. our bathrooms are still dirty, and the floors int he IV rooms are dirty. there are yesterdays newspapers in the waiting room still, and the tables arent wiped. now they are eating our cookies, even when we leave them in the refridgerator. they leave half cookies, which means they are touching our cookies. EW!!! YUCK!!! they are not supposed to get into our stuff. especially our refridgerator. what else are they getting into? they are from mexico, and dont speak english, either. i have nothing against spanish speaking people. or any other speaking people. i do, however, have issues with illegeals. maxican, russian, vietnamese, what ever. come to us for refuge, but do it legally. well, my rant isnt about illegals, just about DONT F***ING TOUCH OUR FOOD!! ew!!
ok. heel week is over, the weekend is here. the cookie issue has been addressed with the right people finally. my appointment is tomorrow, and i got preapproved for a home loan this week.
things are looking up.