i just have to say the movie was exceptional! it was every bit the visual treat i thought it would be. while yes it was a true event, it was made to look like the graphic novel it was based on, and it came off quite nicely. so though there were many violent fighting scenes, it was not what i would classify as a gory movie at all. ‘300’ is, after all, the story of 300 free spartans standing up against the persian empire, and king xerxes’ attempt to enslave them. much of america’s government is patterned after ancient greek democracy, and we believe freedom is worth the fight, as did they.

the story is told with grace, humor, and heart. i would recommend it to anyone old enough to understand what was going on. 

friday i am going to an optometrist for some testing to evaluate how my eyes work. vision plays a big part in dyslexia, and is about more than just being able to see clearly. your eyes must be able to track smoothly, and work as a unit together. not that dyslexia is a vision problem. it is a processing issue. but getting a clear message to process is important. im looking forward to the testing, and learning some things about myself.

another one of our little domestic mice died. since we brought brownie home from the warehouse where the beau rescued him three years ago, he has outlived most of the domestic mice we have bought to keep him company. mice are social creatures, and they go mad if kept in solitude. they need to be with other mice. so we bought a little black and white female first. she lived about a year and a half after we brought her home. pretty good considering she wasnt a baby when we got her. then we got a little blond mouse, who died after a couple of months. after that were two white mice, who didnt last long either. finally, we brought home the three we have currently. a white silky, a white fancy, and a brown and white fancy. we have had them for several months now. sadly, the little white silk died last night. my theory is, in the wild mice breed  to natural selection, and produce strong genes. they breed to survive. in captivity, im thinking mice are bred to produce lots of mice to sell. the gene pool is perhaps not as strong. the mice arent hardy, and have short life spans. this is the only explanation i have for why the wild mouse continues to live, while the domestic ones have consistently died within a year. often way less than that. sigh. after brownie, no more mice.

short week this week! short week next week! i have the 13th off as a vacation day. seems i have some kind of exam on all my days off this month. so many years without coverage, im glad to have the opportunity to do them. even if they arent all fun.

well, im off to work. see ya soon!