i so totally forgot today was april fools day! there is still time to have dome fun, but i probably wont. creative juices are just not running today. too bad. i can be so devious.

today is my grandfather’s birthday. even though he died 48 years ago, and im not sure but i think he would be around 103 if he were still in this world. happy birthday, grandpa! i was told that when he died, he being a presbyterian, and my grandma being a catholic, he told my grandma ‘now im going to find out which one of us was right’. ah, my family’s humor.

so friday i go to see the optometrist to have visual tests for dyslexia. i am actually looking forward to this, after being a bit hesitant at first. the cost is going to be around $300. but i have always wanted to do this. i would like to also get tested by a psychologist, but i will have to fine one that does that. in the mean time, this is still an important aspect of dyslexia. this will test my eye function, as in tracking, jumping, and things like that. im very excited now.

and my paperwork is in to get pre approved for a house loan. im excited about that too! i may not get a lot, but it will be my first tstep towards my own home. that makes me happy!

this week looks like its going to be tough one at work. lots of pt’s scheduled. glad its a 4-day week!