as promised, i bring you the specs on the specs. so what do you think? can it get any cuter?

i have to wear them down on my nose, because i absolutely cant see anything further away than two feet through them. strictly for reading. but i cant see to read without them, especially now that i have been using them. but thats ok. i can read. i just have to get used to the new arrangement. its making reading so much easier, and im not putting off things that require it, like balancing my checkbook, putting mail and other paperwork in order, reading a book my beau bought for me, “the adventures of sock monkey”. i have several other books and magazines that i have been wanting to get into, that have been setting around collecting dust because i couldnt see the words.

i was doing a local search for some one who does testing for dyslexia, and i found some one, among all the school psychologists, that might be plausible. she is an optometrist, who believes dyslexia and other related conditions can have a medical cause. ADHD is another thing she deals with, as well as amblyopia. the opthomologist i went to doesnt deal with dyslexia, and wasnt sure where to recommend. school psychologists are obviously not an option for me, since they test children. so i will investigate her more, and hopefully get to talk with her a little on the phone before i decide. the office lady told me it would cost under $250, which is kind of a big bite for me, except that i have been wanting to do this for years, and now i am financially secure enough to handle it. i dont think my insurance will cover it, but if they can find a code for it maybe it can be applied to my deductible. i will just have to see.

this afternoon we are going to see ‘300’. this movie, made by the same producer who did ‘sin city’, looks to be a real visual treat in the way that it was filmed and put together. plus, the history behind the battle of thermoplyes will be intriguing. i like these kinds of stories. 300 spartans fighting against impossible odds and an immense army of invading persians, choosing certain death in battle rather than becoming slaves to a foreign power. the cinema that is showing the film is called ‘IMAX’, and its supposed to be a grander theater experience. they often show 3-D films, which as yet i still have never experienced. however ‘300’ isnt 3-D. im sure it will be awesome anyway.

i will let you know how it goes.