as promised, the long awaited picture of me with reading glasses. and thats just how i wear them at work, because i have to switch between reading and seeing farther away so quickly and frequently. this picture isnt at work however, obviously. its in my dining room. the beau likes the glasses. a lot 


earlier this week sammy gave me a start. she sleeps with me at night, as she has since i first brought her home. she starts out on my chest, under the covers, and slides over to my left sometime later, and snuggles under my arm. at some point between 2 and 3:30 am she will get up, go use the litter box, get a drink, and wait for me to get up to feed her. once in a while she sleeps till my alarm goes off. monday morning, about 2 am, i heard a thunk! the beau and i were awake immediatley. i turned on the light to find sammy standing beside the bed looking all startled. apparently she had fallen out of bed! she wasnt hurt, but i picked her up and held her for a bit anyway. poor little kitty! maybe im going to have to put side rails on the bed now.


the tree pollen has been harsh this year. i had to start taking an over the counter medication to relieve the symptoms. ive never had to do that before. i have a slight sensitivity to certain trees here, not sure which ones. juniper, adler, and elm are all pollenating, so it must be those. this year its making my eyes all bothered and teary. sigh.


i have everything ready to send to get prequalified for a house loan. the packet i received friday the 16th via a courier service also had a prepaid return envelope to send back once i had everything signed and the requested documents together. the pick up failed to happen friday at work, so i had to reschedual it for monday. i am going to qualify for about a $135K house. im excited about this! the move is beginning to happen now. all we need to do is find a house in that price range we like.


i have found someone who does testing that can determine dyslexia. she is an optomitrist. i found her through an online local search. seems most dyslexia testing is done by school psychologists, which would be of no help to me. this optomitrist does testing thet can determine dyslexia, but it technically isnt ‘dyslexia testing’, the woman in her office told me. i will find out more about it, and see if this is a worthy persuit for me. i really would like to have a professional evaluation. just to see how dyslexic, and what else my be a factor. maybe just so i can say i know this instead of being self diagnosed. know whut ah mean, vern?


i have four tulips in the back now. started out with just one when we moved in 10 years ago. i have never tried to cultivate them, but i like them. behold, my tulips …