ok. i know i said i would post a picture of me with my readers on. and i will … just as soon as i get one i like, and have tiem to get one period! not htat im so busy in the evenings that i dont have time at all. but i have to look acceptable, and after work i dont really, in my opinion. or do you want the after work look?

well, we’ll see.

in the meantime, im still trying to get the weightloss started. seems im not eating enough to lose a pound even. body must be in famine mode. i counted my calorie intake for today and it was 920, plus maybe i bit more for the small piece of bread with the frozen lasagne for lunch, and a few pretzels for dinner. one has to eat a minimum of 1200 calories to start losing. great. i have to eat more. or wieght till i go into starvation. right.


i have the paper work in process to get prequalified for a house loan. once i get all the required documents together, and get them sent in, i will qualify for a $135,000 house. the houses on the market that i have found so far in this price range are mostly modular. i cant get a mobile home (wheels) but i can get a manufactured home (no wheels evwer) IF i can find one. going to have to be God, since there doenst seem to be much on the market for what i want in a reasonable price range. people are asking for $150,000 for crappy little OLD houses.

the world has lost its mind.

s’ok. God hasnt.

i could easily build. that would be fine. a nice prefab log cabin would suit me fine.

in the meantime, i am going to get tested for dyslexia if it isnt too expensive. i need to know if its true, or if i have some other thing going on. im sure myself, so far, but ive never been teseted.

just to show you, im not editing this post with spellcheck. any typing flaws are true mis spellings. not me not knowing how to spell, or hitting wrong keys. rahter, me hitting the right keys not always int he right order.

what ever. we shall see …

in the meantime. the picture of me in readers are on order. promise!