its nice to know my eyes are healthy! those funny floaters are natural, and not caused by the fluorescent lighting or the computer use at work. they just happen as the ocular fluid changes, and little fibrous things develop. something like that. they could dissolve on their own, or settle to the bottom and not be such a distraction. the tree pollen bothers my eyes some, but that is temporal. my vision is still good, and all i need at this point are reading glasses. i picked out a cute pair with lightweight silver frames, and will pick them up monday on my lunch break. i will post a picture as soon as i can.

i think im going to like reading glasses. i think my eyes are a bit strained, even if the doctor didnt say so. it has been 25 years or so since i had my eyes examined. i was given a Rx for glasses then, even though my eyes were 20 30, to correct the slight aberration caused by the amblyopia. but they constantly slid down my nose. i gave them up, because it wasnt worth the bother to see that crystal clear. a pair just for reading will be no trouble at all. i think they will add character.

i have a few more exams to endure, and then i will be done for my wellness stuff.

what i want to get tested for is dyslexia. mostly to confirm what i think, and then to see how severe. maybe that will be a waste, but i want to anyway. then i want to talk to a counselor about my rages. better late than never, right?

50 feels like a beginning to me. i dont feel old. i have never felt like most people describe at any given age. once, at 23, i forgot how old i was, and had to count from my date of birth to determine my age. that was weird. at the thai restaurant we frequent most, one of the family/employees that we are friends with thought i was only 35. i get that alot. i feel like im still in my thirties. maybe thats because i have never really believed in age. i believe God restores my youth.  

im very happy to say i dont seem to get migraines anymore. i have endured nearly 40 yrs of frequent migraines. i struggled to overcome them by faith, once i learned i could, because they had such a grip on my mind. they were so a part of me, and i had them so often and so severely, that there was a deep stronghold in my mind where they were concerned. these strongholds are the reason when we dont receive the promised deliverance from God. there are many explanations given, but i know that it is those imaginations, and high things (reasonings) that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God that create strongholds in our minds, and try to prevent us from simply believing His promises like a child. it is my quest to become a child when it comes to believing the word of God, and a strong warrior when it comes to opposing the devil, and all his lies. his main tactic has always been, ‘hath God really said?’ Jesus opposed him in the desert with the answer to that query posed first in the garden. He stated ‘it is said’. and Jesus won the battle there.

so, goes my rambling this morning.