i am so looking forward to my eye appointment. maybe thats a little weird to some. but i havent had my eyes looked at in about 25 years. not that thats a problem … i havent had any problems with my eyes. nothing i havent lived with for a long time. nothing major. a slight depth perception anomaly – things look closer than they are. 20-30 vision – the image in my left eye has always seemed to be ‘missing pixels’ all over the screen, rather than blurry. been this way for all my life.

until this last year. but then, i havent worked under strong fluorescent lights before, and stared at a computer screen eight hours a day. for a year and four months now. the floaty things are too much. its like this … you mix sugar in water, and right after the crystals are dissolved, but the sugar isnt quite mixed yet, there is this wavy look to the water. such is the look of these floaters. ew. yea ew. distractingly ew.

if i get glasses, i will get the kind that get darker in the sunlight. my eyes are so very sensitive to bright sun, that it almost hurts me to be out in the daytime without sunglasses. one of the reasons i like overcast days. i can see.

my physical resulted in good results. my goal to lose weight was goon news to my doctor. not that heavy, just enough to be highly unwelcome. off to the treadmill! im actually addicted to it now. i love my treadmill. my mice are such an inspiration!

the other thing is, i talked to my loan guy about getting preappoved for a loan today, based on my resources alone. and i can get a house for around $135K, and still make the payments. i wont be getting my sister’s house, she wants more than i can handle for it. but i can get a nice little house out in the country. im so excited! im going back home to stay!

sammy is getting subcu fluids every two nights, at home. she is most vocal about her feelings about this. but the beau and i have a system, and it really helps her kidneys flush out toxins and just do their job. poor kitty. saddle bags after the fluids. makes her cold for a while. we warm her up, however.

just talking today. yesterday was a monster at work. i post office visit charges everyday. but yesterday i had such a struggle. my mind was flying in every direction but the one i needed it to. distracted. unfocused. interrupted every two minutes by the phone that wouldnt die. ‘heavy sigh’. i got through it. today was a normal day. busy, but not total chaos. tomorrow is … FRIDAY!

and for those of you who like james bond, i totally recommend ‘casino royale’. its way better than you might be anticipating.

blond … james blond. ‘duh duh da duh’