yesterday was pleasant, if a little ill planned out. the wind never reached its predicted 40-50 mph gusts. we went to a later showing of "ghost rider", which we both thoroughly enjoyed. being the homebodies that we both are, we dont go to theaters often. but seeing a good movie after the the masses have come and gone, thats a treat now and then. certain movies are just better on the big screen.
i got my first alergy medication. non prescription claritin, for those days the trees are bothering me. in the 17 years i have lived here in the dust bowl, i have never noticed much of a reaction, though i have had one. alders, elms, and junipers (the worst of the bunch) all grow profusely here, and spit their pollen most in february. even after all that ice in january, this year february was unseasonably warm. the pacific northwest doesnt have these trees in such abundance.   see?   im alergic to oklahoma.
im glad i dont react to ragweed, which is also prolific here. ladybird johnsons idea of ‘wildflowers’ causes great distress to so many here, including the beau.
after dinner and a rented movie, we went on to bed. nice, easy saturday.
until the neighbors dog started to bark. seems they had ou friends over – 6-7 carloads – all of whom were staying inside and not acting like fratboys. but they put the dogs out about midnight, and forgot to bring them back in when the one that barks started. after half an hour of stright barking, and being awakened even with the fan running for white noise, the beau became a tad annoyed. seems we werent the only ones who called the police to complain. they were too busy to come for a barking dog then, but will be out today to advise the neighbors. this dog reminds me of the one that used to live behind us. same temperment, same predisposition for barking at us all the time. only he could easily climb the fence, and he knows it. and no, they dont tether him when the two dogs are outside.   
today promises to be a good day as well. would be better if i could walk along the beach.  sigh.