i made it! i have arrived at the half century mark! i think this is a grand thing, and im quite pleased with it. birthdays are special to me. to celebrate the day you came into the world is a good thing. it is by being here that we get the opportunity to know Gods love and grace, and experience His invlovement in our lives.
my birthstone is special to me. i have two, really.
the ancient one is the bloodstone.
the modern one  is the aquamarine.
both are fine with me, and i think they are fitting. there is, in my lineage on my mothers side, scottish warriors and french canadian nobility, and a thin red line of huron indian ancestry as well. on my fathers side it is less clear, but i believe there are vikings, and possibly before that goths. so fits the bloodstone. then having grown up by the sea, and loving water, winter, and ice, the aquamarine makes a fine stone for me.
something i have always thought amusing is the fact that my mothers mother was born near montreal, in trois-rivières, quebec, in the house of montgne, and grew up speaking french. she was born on the thirteenth of april. it was a friday.
my mothers father i know less about, except he came from the gordon clan of scotland. apparently he was part of a family that both owned slaves, and mingled with slaves. he was also born in april, on the first.
i dont know much about my fathers lineage at all.
i have a physical schedualed at 1:00 today, for which i have to fast for the blood tests. sigh. first thing im having after is my iced coffee, which im doing without right now. blood sugar is a little low, so i may have to see if i can do the blood work later. not shakey yet. i have always been healthy, and i work to keep it that way. still, im looking forward to my appointment, having the insurance that makes it possible.
in two weeks i have an eye exam that i am also looking forward to. the clinic i have worked at this last year has very bright fluorescent lights right over where i sit, and i use my computer constantly for my job. this has stressed my eyes, and now i have ‘clouds’ in my vision. like the floatie things most people have, but more and longer wavey lines. most distracting, and bothersome. i dont like the thought of glasses. i have had them twice before, to correct the slight amblyopia in my left eye. but they continually slid down my nose, and drove me crazy. who knows? maybe a really light pair … but i will cross that bridge when i get there.
i expect to live a long healthy life. i am confident my covenant will continue to hold up under any pressure put to it. its an old covenant, first established between God and abraham, and initiated by God. and frankly, God walked out both parties parts in the walk of blood, whilst abraham watched from a state of dread that came on him at the outset. its a good covenant to be a partaker of. it has held up every time in my life.
so … happy birthday to me *♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥* and thank you every one who has wished me well!