in response to a request by my dear friend Aussie, of sundrip journal, and everyone else who may be wondering, we were unaffected by the recent storms that blew through. friday night saw a lot of rain come in. this always has the same effect on one cat in particular, that being gizmo, our black cat. this is the cat most unaffected by anything else. he frequently gets run over by the dogs, because he doesnt care to move out of the way when they come galloping through, preferring to voice his disapproval instead. he is the one who will oppose me when i attempt to shush the cats off the counters and out of the kitchen, hissing and acting all defiant. he’s a saucy little boy, that one. but come rain and wind howling outside, this sassy fat cat sort of melts onto a puddle of liquid tar, with eyeballs, and slithers into the bathroom where he feels he is hiding from ‘the noise’.  sammy isnt disturbed by much of anything that isnt directly trying to cause her eat a pill or be stuck with needles. maggie and thor, skittish as they are the rest of the time, couldnt care less about the goings on outside, unless its people at the door.

it rained hard all night friday night, and into saturday morning. the rest of the day remained overcast after the rains let up. the wind, however, was relentless all weekend.

poor gizmo. liquid tar with eyeballs slithering around in the bathroom.