you may find this one amusing. i always have 🙂  i had this dream when i lived in seattle. probably about 20yrs ago.
it beginds with me locked in the top of a tall, narrow stone tower. the room was small and not well lit, with slits for windows. i was in a white wedding dress, and i was being held against my will to be forced into marrying. the person i was supposed to marry was the devil. i remember feeling only that i needed to get out of that tower.
then the door opened, and the devil walked in. he was very cocky, and sure of himself. he was very nice looking, black hair, wearing a tux. i think i told him i wasnt going to marry him before i slipped out the door he had left open.

i began to run down the stairs, a squared version of a spiral staircase, all stone and rather dark. i think he began to chase me, but i was well ahead of him. as i ran, i tripped, fell, and apparently broke my neck, because i realized that even tho i was still running, i was dead. my first thought was, ‘ha! he cant get me now!’
i came to the end of the stairs, and went thru the door at the bottom of the tower. i then found myself in an upscale restaurant, with large glass windows all around the perimeter. it was just before sunset, and people were seated at the tables eating their dinners. i was floating above them, still wearing the wedding dress, but they couldnt see me, because i was a ghost.