i was in walgreens’s with the beau after work yesterday, picking up a few mundane things. when i was done meandering, i found him at the magazine rack. i decided i wanted a magazine, if i could find one that appealed to me. i really would like to find a nice home decorating magazine that catored to my sensiibilities somewhat. even a little.
all i found were the usual selections, all about bathing your rooms in lucious yellows and creamy whites, and daffodills.
go southwestern with teals and terra cotta, pinto horses, tan leather, cacti.
go european with art deco and colors that clash, and big geometric patterns stolen from the local daycare.
i think not. too much yellow depresses me. white and gold leaf together is for funeral parlors and asylums. daffodills are fine in the neighbor’s yard. geometry should be left in the math books and art museums i dont go to.
where are the magazines that appeal to the likes of me? i want to see title like these:
  • Goth Beautiful
  • Gothic Homes and Gardens
  • Goth Housekeeping
  • Gothic Living
  • Goth Illustrated
  • Popular Gothics
  • Ths Goth House

you get the picture. even some of the usual titles could include articles on the uses of

  • crushed velvet and tapestry
  • iron and logs
  • bringing nature indoors
  • antient Gothic architectural designs

but, it probably wont happen unless i do it.