im not feeling too bloggish today.  im not really blue, however. more like blah. im glad its thursday, that always means tomorrow is friday. as much as i like my job, i still like weekends.
sammy got really dehydrated again last weekend, so i took her to her vets. dr k decided to give her subcutaneous fluids instead of IV fluids this time, because its less stressful on her, easier to give more fluids faster, considerably cheaper, and i can continue giving her fluids at home. 200cc’s takes about 5-7 minutes. but boy does she get mad about it. she does not like being stuck with needles (well who does?) and she lets me know shes had more than enough of that! but it does help keep her hydrated, so i endure her scoldings while the beau holds her still. ya, it takes two of us to give fluids to one scrawny 4lb cat (she’ll always be queen of the house). then she walks around with saddlebags under her front legs where the fluid all settles. sigh. still, her quality of life isnt all that bad. she still wants to be part of things, and hang out with us, and still enjoys eating.


the snow never came last weekend, either, so i think the power crews were able to get everyones power back on. that makes me happy. i hate for people to be without power.

i started a spanish class with a co worker, which we go to on monday evenings. its fun, and im catching on fast. language comes easy to me. id like to learn one that isnt roman based too.

ill have more to say this weekend, i suppose. *yawn*. bye …