i guess its a storm. its more like i big system moving through, that has moods. friday night was the first wave, mostly sleet that built up on the ground and froze, but did not stick to power lines or trees. the second wave was nastier, full of freezing rain, that did stick to power lines, and break them, and people are without power. but this wave all went north of us, late saterday afternoon. the third wave is due sometime this afternoon, i think.
the only adverse thing for us wasnt really a direct result of this system. more a result of modern life in an old house built by gremlins. gremlins dont plan well. they cant align things correctly, i.e. the kitchen window is not directly over the kitchen sink, but is lined up slightly off center. same in the bathroom, with the medicine cabinet and the sink. asthetics and practicallity escape the gremlin completely. there are not enough outlets either, and they arent in convienient places. the wiring is really a puzzle. and this leads me to the inconvenience.
this house was built in 1950. they had fuse boxes then. ok, not so hard to deal with. but each fuse in this house controls a set of things not necessarily connected to each other. and one of the fuse plug things is shot, because we have been using space heaters to off set te cost of gas use, and apparently two of the heaters were on this fuse’s particular set of outlets. so, half the living room is out, and half the main bedroom is out. both halves are on the north side of the house. not a big problem, because these outlets are used for things like the tv, the treadmill, a few lamps, and the beau’s clock radio. mine still has juice, as does my lamp. so until we get an electrician out to fix it, we will be using an extention cable to run the tv during the day, and the box fan in the bedroom at night.
here is the puzzing part. the coat closet, right by the front door, dirctly in the center of the part of the house without a fuse right now, has light. the light works in it. the hall light, in the center of the house, and in the center of the rooms that do have working fuses, does not have light. but the furnace, in the same hall way, along with the thermostat on the wall in said hall way, has juice and works. im very glad for that, mind you. but it is a mystery to me. its working to our best interest, to be sure, since we have heat, and there is available light in all rooms. but i dont understand gremlin engineering at all.
but as i said, its an inconvenience, not a real problem. the landlord might feel differently on this point, since he will be paying for the repair … but i have heat, light, and running water, as per my covenant promises.
my next house wont have gremlin engineering. my next town wont have gremlin engineering.