we woke up to ice this morning. the world was shiney and crystaline. the tempurature had droped to the 20s, so the rain of ice was turned to sleet, which didnt coat the lines. for this i was grateful. there is more coming, but i am covered by covenant promises, so i am not concerned.
we did, however, experience an inconvenience, in that the space heaters evidently stressed the fuse panal somewhat over the last few months, and seems to have caused one section to fail. the section controls the east side of the living room, and the east side of the main bedroom. this effects the tv, some lamps, and the fan we use for white noise at night. i cant sleep with such quiet at night. but the important things, like the furnace, the kitchen, and the washer and dryer, are all working fine. God is a good God, indeed!
aside from the inconvinience, which we can circumvent with a nice, long extention cord, we are snug little creatures indeed. and we have all we need till the roads become navigational once more.
as i write this, the second wave of sleet has begun to fall, lightly tapping on the panes and roof. tomorrow will be another winterscape to see. im thinking mondays clinic will be cancelled, as will the spanish class my co worker and i are going to.
ahhh … my winter queen has such a lovely way about her …