time to me does not exist, except on the calander. we measure time by units that are globally agreed upon, but time itself is not a thing. we have now. thats it.
we age, all things age. all things are subject to the laws of physics, specifically for this entry, the second law of thermodynamics. i.e. all things basically run down.
so time is a ralative thing. it is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, centuries, millenia. but what we have is a clock on the wall that keeps a certain cadence. funny how all the world agrees in this cadence. i wonder why that is. and we agree on the calander as well. the year of our LORD 2007 coming up tomorrow … and its global too. even though china may have a chinese new year, and their count of the year is different, i know they still follow this world concept of ‘the year of our LORD, measured in years after the death of Jesus on the cross.
still … to me, there is no time but now. i absolutely cannot accept the concept of time travel, because i dont see how it can be possible. to me its just a measurement for reference sake. if time travel were possible, time would have to be a corridor, and there would have to be a way of navigating it. the beau and i have argued this on many ocassions. he believes time travel is possible.
the theory of relativity is still a theory, is it not? i would argue, and have argued, its points before.
still, we age, as all things age. and as i age, i am resoleved to grow, mature, achieve my ideal fitness level, receive revelation about the blessing of abraham promised to be for me, and walk more in Gods light than ever before. time to get after it!