i have some goals for this year.

  • i will lose some weight, and post a picture of myself when i achieve my goal.


  • i will move back to washington, household in tow, and buy my sister’s house in vancouver. i will post pictures of this as well.


  • i will learn rudimentary spanish, and really begin to build on this foundation. i begin some classes january 8th, with a co worker.


  • i will get a revelation of the real meaning behind the blessing of abraham, and begin walking in it.

these may be lofty goals, but i can do all these things. i am so looking forward to achieving them. having put them in writing makes me accountable to do this, and this is great motivation. these are all goals that i greatly desire. yearly numbers dont mean a great deal to me in themselves. but as a marker they can be most useful. and come january 2nd i will mark 27 years walking with the Lord. this is very special to me.

january 2nd, 1980, found me at a Bible study at doug and dianne peak’s house. i was there by invitation from a supper and Bible study i had been to the previous day, at a house where several Christians lived together. this too was by invitation, having been given a ride by one of them earlier, and given an open invitation. so here i was at this Bible study, at the peak household. during the prayer before the actual scripture study, someone began to prophesy. this isnt so strange, it was the Spirit moving one of the people there to speak encouraging things. at that point, i asked the Lord then to have me as His own. i immediately sensed a very strong, tangible thing, like a sword of fire, go through my whole person. it was awesome. it filled me with such life. i was immobilized for a moment it was so strong. it was like the Spirit Himself simply infused me with Himself.

after, i was different. i went home the mile or so to my little shanty house on winged feet, surely. i was so caught up in the love of God i could scarce think. but i wasnt tired. i was filled with His presence.

well 27 years and many trials later, and i am still His. completely. i walk with so many fewer fears than i had back then. i still have not conquered all. but as i recognize them, i seek to overcome them, one at a time. He promised to never leave me or forsake me, even back when He know i would fall a thousand times. He has kept that promise. and i have remained His.

so as i enter a new calendar year, i walk with head held high and spirits high, and expectations high. i believe i will see God do great things this year. and i will reach every goal i have set. through God all things are possible. ☺