i have had so many firsts at this job.

  1. first time to work a full year
  2. first time to have a paid vacation day
  3. first time to have a snow day
  4. first time to be given so much responsibility
  5. first time to fit in
  6. first time to get paid for unused sick days

and now i am embarking on my first whole week of paid vacation. i am elated. i wont be going anywhere, as the beau doesnt have his vacation till later this month. but i will be off work, and getting paid for it. all week. i took a few days in conjuction with the labor day weekend, and had a five day weekend. and i have had a couple of other days to extend my weekend. but this is a non holiday straight thru the week vacation. my very first.

so what did i do the very first morning off? i got up early. i love getting up early, before the sun is up, while the world still sleeps. i have always loved early morning. there is a serene quality to the air, and the light is just beginning to reveal the world. its almost magical. even when i am in a place i rather not be, this time of morning is an oasis. it doesnt last long. its best in the dead of winter. as long as i am living in this world, i will love this time of day.