ive been tagged, and i didnt even know we were playing! but out of nowhere corine came upon me and … tag! im it!
six things that are weird about me. that shouldnt be hard. eh heh heh … so if i open this closet door and let you look inside, well, dont say i didnt warn you …
  1. i hate to mess with or work with food. i dont like to touch it. i dont like to feel the greasy residue on my hands. i will find tools to use, paper towels to hold things, utensils to move things, whatever it takes. for example, i eat pizza and sandwiches with a fork. things like that. dry things like pretzels dont bother me much. my co workers find this a source of great amusement …
  2. i have a bowl of graham crackers and skim milk for breakfast every morning. its something my grandma grandma gave me once in a while when i was little, for a treat, and i always liked it. i have always been a cereal only for breakfast person, and i just kind of got into a habbit of the graham crackers and milk.
  3. i could very easily work in a morgue. in spite of being extremely empathetic. however, i would not do well in the emergency room, as mangled but still living makes me a little faint.
  4. spit and drool makes me gag. i even gag myself brushing my own teeth sometimes. but i still brush, because i hate a dirty mouth.
  5. my taste in clothes has always been … different. i can wear scrubs where i work, so i dont have to come up with appropriately officey attire. but i like a more gypsy-ish style. i fit in with the misfits. i just cant do ‘conservative’.
  6. almost all my dreamscenes are set in night mode. i have had very few dreams where it was anything like day light. a few have been like dusk, but moved into night. i cant fly in my dreams either. the few times i have tried, it took extreme concentration, and i only managed a short distance and amost now altitude.

there you have it. a ride into my world. i hope you had a good experience, and that you come back again soon.

as for me, im off to tag  a few friends, and to eat my graham crackers.