the storm and ice blew in thursday night. the winter queen came in with unusual fanfare, blanketing everything with the snowy folds of her gowns, her white hair whipping with the wind. you could just about hear the pounding of the hooves of her horses, galloping roughshod over everything in their path. the wheels of her carriage scattered ice in all directions. but the cold that came in with her was like a henchman riding at her side. his icy breath sent living things scurrying for warmer shelter.

i welcomed the ice queen. one of the few true winter people am i. though i can scarce stand in her presence for long, her beauty enthralls me, her freezing breath cools me. armed with sweater and boots, and long stockings, i can come and go as i please when she is here. not so with summer’s burdensome heat. to me, summer is a harsh, oppressive queen in this southern land. she has more powered here than in the north, her favorite realms being around the belly of the planet. she loves the most populated places best.

not so winter. she is a lady. fierce and rugged, she can be very stern. but she preserves the things she freezes, and keeps them pristine. nothing rots in her kingdom. nothing decays, or stinks.

not everyone loves her like i do. many prefer the sweltering of summers heat. but when her scepter touches things for too long, they wilt, they spoil, they send off offences to the nose and eyes. her wand brings tiny flying biters in hordes that do not relent. it dries up the waters, and burns the grass, filling the air with smokey ash.

im glad winter is here. i will enjoy her as long as she will stay.