they’re calling it the storm of the century.
we got 10.4 inches of snowfall thursday night. it was a record for november 30, here in oklahoma. the previous record was 5.6 inches. it was enough to have a snow day yesterday, which the beau used for sleeping and i played splinter cell all day. i love that game!
i have a feeling people up north, in real snow country, would have laughed it off somewhat. i have lived in much snowier places myself, like colorado springs. but when you dont get a lot of snow, i guess 10 inches is a lot. every year it snows some though. you would think people who are from here would not be so surprized. but every winter people her act like theyve never seen winter, or driven in snow. sigh.
still, there were enough people sliding around and getting stuck that it was good to stay in. no sense getting hit by some one panicking behind the wheel. personally, i like driving in snow. i have no problem with it. once, when i was living briefly in montana during the winter, i took my little mazda out in a parking lot and just slid all over the place. it was fun, and i learned how to negotiate ice. granted, there are limitations to driving in ice. but it can be done if one stays relaxed, and uses a light foot on the gas and the breaks, and adjusts the speed for slush, snow, or ice. i mean, dont think its the same as driving in the rain, or on dry pavement. duh! but also dont go 5 mph in snow, you wont have as much control. 25-30 is good in snow, and use the snow to help slow you down for stops, by taking your foot off the pedal. tap the breaks to avoid sliding. turn into a slide but dont over compensate. if you are scared, stay home.
i dont mean to be mean. i just think people over react to a yearly event. it snows, people! we have winter every year. it gets cold. just like it gets smotheringly hot in the summer every year. and windy during spring and fall.
so. im looking out my widow, and seeing brilliant white every where. i have to go to the bank today, so i will have fun. i need to get outside. i love this clean air! it smells so good! my white knight has come to banish the wicked heat of summer. the ice queen has taken up her turn to rule. everything is silver and white crested. everything gleams.