we have had the enlightening experience of a dog with whip worms recently. if you don’t know this, whip worms can be accompanied by some very nasty diarrhea. we thought she might have had a bacterial invasion, and she hadn’t left us a sample in the last 12 hours, but still took her in to see dr m. he found the whip worms. and cleaned out her ears as well, which had become clogged with flaky skin and such. her fur is so … well she is a chow with skin issues from an underactive thyroid, so it’s hard to inspect her. she has arthritis in the hips too. we give her pain medication for that. now we will be changing the heart worm prevention for both dogs, to one that also kills whips.

sammy spent the night at the vets again. poor old kitty was dehydrated again. her kidneys have given us somewhat of a battle recently. she’s thin, and also has been taking glipizide to control blood sugar for the last five years. she is now 17. i will pick her up after work today.

if i go to work. we had our first big ice storm last night. sleet and freezing rain, thunder and lightning, black clouds, wind. i loved it! but i am about the only one who does. the beau likes it as long as he doesn’t have to drive in it. i don’t mind, except i really don’t trust the other drivers. oklahomans panic in this kind of weather. a few act like they don’t understand that you can’t drive like normal on slick roads. the rest freeze up (no pun intended) and cling to the steering wheel as if it were a life saver in a turbulent sea. they go about 3 mph, and look ashen white. they have little idea how hard they are to drive around. sigh …

i will put up some pictures as soon as i get some good ones.