sunday morning came with little fanfare. just another sunday. we were up somewhat early, and getting ready for the day, planning on purchasing more towels from sears, and seeing what gordmans had to offer. the beau had already showered, and blow dried his hair, and gelled it back in his trademark ponytail. i had also showered, but my hair was still in the towel when it happened.
the sound reverberated in our house for a second. and all the lights went out.
my first thought was…’crap!’
the beau went outside to see if any other house was effected. yes, yes, the house to the south, not the one to the north. just the south end of our block, the little cluster of houses from ours to the south end of the street, on our street and the street immediatley next. then the beau went out in the back yard, and looked at the transformer that serves these very houses. sure enough, that was the problem. the was a thing and a wire dangleing from the cross beam, and the smell of burnt squirrel.
the beau called the power company, and since not much was going on in the area, they sent out a team right away. ‘yup’, the worker said, before he even went up the pole, ‘looks like a squirrel was up there. this wont take long.’
it seems, a squirrel had laid across the wrong thing up on the transformer, causing a complete circuit in the wrongest of places. all that was left of said squirrel was the tail and one hind leg. the transformer is designed to blow the wire off its hook thing when something like this happens. safety measure. the worker replaced the wire thing, power was restored in less than an hour from original disruption, and i got to blow dry my hair.
there is a work order to install a squirrel guard on the transformer by wednesday.