i am embarking on a rant of my own. i am quite bored with the whole ‘evil white man invades indian country’ thing. to the point of getting my ire up. while moments ago i was quite serene, i now am feeling ‘worked up’.

i am descended from races considered white. very white. whiter than white. but i am not english. neither am i spanish. i have my very own french quarter, but my french ancestors settled in canada, and there is at least one huron woman in that line. so i have a thin red line thru the white threads. the rest, the scots and the irish, were warriors in their own right. and fully half are swedes, descending down from the vikings, and the goths before that. now there was a conquering race, those goths. after they split into the osogoths eastward, and the visigoth westward, who invaded rome. were they evil for it? many died. on both sides. yet among the osogoths were the first Christians of that ancient world.

and what of the huns, the mongols, the romans, the greeks, and other barbarians of the ancient world? what of the knights templar, the saxons, the normans?

truly man has been moving to take other countries ever since there have been more than one. but let us not forget that many times people have fled to another country for liberty and refuge, only to be treated like dirt, and often killed, when they got there.

many of the people who came to this country were looking to escape the tyranny of the english government, and the freedom to worship God as their hearts desired, without the overlording of the religious trying to force their hand.

but sometimes just being white is enough to hang you. there are foul people of all colors and races. and i want you to know, white is a color! white, in the artistic sense, is the only color that reflects back all the colors there are. but i say this only to say i am just as much a person of color as anyone else. there is no difference. there is no ‘people of color’ and, what? ‘people of no color’? no ma’am! we are all people of color. the color is red, and variations and shades there of. from pale pink to almost purple. from light beige to dark olive. i havent seen a blue one yet, however, except on star trek…

end of rant.