im thankful for a lot of things. even though i have had my share of turmoil, everyone else has too. we live in a world that has a curse in full force. but therein lies the first thing i am thankful for –
the Blood of the Lamb that redeemed me from the curse. deuteronomy 28:15-68 spells out the curse, including a verse that states that every sickness and every disease that is not written there is also part of the curse. and i am redeemed from it all! i am quite thankful for that.
i am thankful i live in a country that is not constantly being violently racked with war, from within or from outside. we have had the ocassional exception, and we acted shocked and mortified. but because we hit back with force and decision, we dont have to live like that all the time. imagine living in sudan, sierra leon, isreal, palistine, or places in east europe.
i am thankful i get along with my mom and my sister. we may not talk all the time, but when we do its always good. we had our seasons of turbulence and dysfunction, but we always loved each other, and that is what has lasted, and triumphed.
i am really thankful i have my son in my life again. and with him, a daughter in law with whom i am growing close, and a beatiful little granddaughter. i dont get to see her, but she is still my great inheritance! i am also proud that my son is a marine, who has been in harms way for us all, and who had aspirations of going on into law inforcement.
i am thankful for my beau, who loves me and has journeyed through much hell with me as we have worked through our respective dysfunctions, and together have come to understand ourslelves and each other better. we arent perfect yet, but when we get done with each other, we will be.
i am thankful for my pets. they run my life sometimes, but they love me so! and they forgive so instantly (except for maggie, she requires about an hour) when i do foolish things, like having a rage and screaming. they are like God in the way they forgive, and love without condition. they have taught me much about how to love and be loved. they have taught me much about faith in the face of contradicting circumstances, and getting the prize after standing without compromise.
i have so many more things to list, i dont have room or time to list them here. big things, like my job, where we all get along for the most part, and have a great office manager and four wonderful doctors to work for. or like the house my little sister is going to sell to us. little things, like the red slippers i got from avon that i love. or the necklace that my great office manager was wearing tuesday, and gave to me just because i liked it so much. i really liked it. maybe thats a big thing…
life can deal out some pretty horendous blows at times. they can leave you reeling from it. they can come from the world outside, like the death of a loved one, the trauma of war, the loss of childhood to severe abuse, the loss of your home or any place to live of your own. they can come from the inside in the form of disorders of body or mind. they can all seem insurmountable.
but this is why, as i come full circle, i am above all thankful for God, my relationship with Him at His invitation, His Word that overcomes everything that comes against me, His Spirit in me that lights me up! without Him and His blessing on my life – blessing means enpowering – i would have no way to face this hostile place. but as it is, no weapon formed against me can prevail. no firey dart thrown at me can harm me. the sun shall not smite me by day, nor the moon at night. the floods shall not overcome me, the fire shall not burn me. every tongue that rises up against me to harm me, i shall condemn it. yea though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i shall fear no evil… for He is with me.
and i am thankful!