yesterday was a good day. i was blessed (blessed means empowered) in an unexpected way.

it began with me arriving at work ready to do a couple of small tasks i had left on my desk the day before, when i was too tired and short on time to get them done. of the three of us that make up the front office, H leaves before me and M leaves about an hour after me. M seems to need to meddle with other people’s work. she has a big heart, and knows her stuff, but often doesnt seem to trust the rest of us to do our job right. she can be down right bossy. this has caused some resentment amongst the flock.

well i looked for my small stack of ‘to dos’ i had left for myself, and it was gone. this really angered me, because it throws me off considerably. if i am going to be responsible for certain things, i need to be able to keep track of my own items, so i know where i am with any one process. we work as a team on these things, and communication is important. so is trust. taking things off my desk to do them her way after i leave violates trust, and breaks down communication. i had to track down what she did, undo it because i had already taken care of the thing except for one little detail, and also take back another thing from her stack that i wasnt ready to give her.

when she came in, we had a confrontation. it got a bit heated, but i remained calm, and stood my ground. in the end i won out, and gained the respect of the others in the office that overheard the dispute. we ended on a positive note as well. i was quite pleased with the outcome.

the best part, however, came after i got home. during the drive, i proceeded to describe this encounter to the beau, explaining what i felt, what i said, what she said, what the others thought…the whole episode. he listened closely, and with interest. later that evening, when i asked him what he was chuckling about, he said, ‘oh, that whole thing with you and M. i was just thinking about it, and i am really impressed with how you handled it with grace and control. it reminded me of gloria copeland.’

i want you to know, glria copeland is someone i truly admire, and respect, and am inspired by. she is a real woman of God in my opinion. for the beau to tell me he was thinking about my experiences of the day, was impressed with my handling of the thing, and was comparing me to gloria…..this was the icing on the cake. this was the gift. this was my honor.