what would you dress up as for a costume party? personally, im not into halloween. i never have liked the decorations, the festivities, or the commercialization of it. but i do like doing costumes kind of. as long as they have imagination, and show a little effort. guess thats why i like movies, theatre, and adventure type video games. i like the costumes.

i think if i were going to go to a costume part,  id go as the  snow queen of the hans christian andersen story, or the ice queen of the chronicles of narnia. its not that i like the coldness of her heart, or the evil of her plans… its just that i love the clothes, the white hair, the sparkle…

i love winter. i love the snow and the ice. i love the cold air. i love the surreal way things look after a fog has rolled thru and all the trees have turned to crystal. i love to watch it snow at night. 

of course, i wouldnt want to live in constant whiteness. i crave color. deep, intense color. all the blues and grays and whites can over un the senses and leave one feeling so very bleak.

so to be the snow queen for a while would be ok, but eventually she must yield to her sisters. after all, shes not a queen…she’s only winter.