my sister called and left me a message thursday. she said she had important stuff to talk about. she sounded excited, so i knew it was good news. i called her as soon as i heard the message. not being one to waste time with pleasantries, she told me she wanted me to buy her house. she and her beau are buying another, two doors down from our mother, and hadnt found a suitable buyer yet. she said it then hit her… ask me! i want to move back so sorely, and they want me back as ardently. i am quite pleased with this idea, and i have such peace in my heart about it. i have asked God for a house to move into, which would make the transition of our moving much smoother. and then i get this call from my sis. she has sent me pictures, and i like what i see. there is plenty of room to change the colors and decor, add carpeting, and make it home. there is a big fenced yard for the dogs, a finished basement, and a small upstairs. i know this is the answer to my prayers!
i am so ready to go back to the land of rain and green fire, where water falls down rocky cliffs, the air is sweet, the trees stay gree when the snows come, and the ocean is within reach.