the season is changing as summer finally hands over the the reigns to winter. but fall is their struggle for power, as neither likes to let go, and both are aggressive to take over. heat and chill circle each other like warriors of the martial arts, engaging in their antient dance. so it will be in spring, when summer again comes to oust winter.
the cycles of my work also ebb and flow, but of late it seems their drift is more flow than ebb. i am sometimes disturbed by the number of people falling ill to the microbes that stalk us all every day. in these modern times, with knowledge is so readily available, it seems people themselves havent changed much. the old addage, ‘you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink’ was never truer than now. for the water is the knowledge of how to prevent such things as infections from taking hold of one’s self, and how few people there are who drink of it. so while i am drowning in job security, i am also very tired these days.
i regret to tell you that one of the little white mice has run her last circle. i found her last evening, lying still and cold, in the food dish. i was saddened to see this. the wild mouse lives on, and still has one white companion. why are their little lives so short?
conversely, the old queen cat continues to thrive, defiant against the scourges that wanted her but cannot take her. she still rules the house with a silky, howbeit a thin, old paw.
the prince and i dined at a little japanese inn yesterday. it was most sumptuous! quite the delight for palate and eyes. we were seated in a smaller room away from the main dining hall, amoungst a few others who, like ourselves, are outside the main of society. i’m certain this was deliberate. but it only made the experience more enjoyable and interesting. there was also in the room with us two men of cloth, but which cloth i am not sure. the oldest of the two wore a long black robe, and a black skull cap, but was definatley not a jew. his long gray beard was more in line with a gentile. behind us was a foriegn national from one of the slavic countries, my prince assertained from his look and mannerisms. then there was the younger couple from somewhere south, judging by the woman’s slow drawl and amusingly large sunglasses. out in the main hall were all the usual types. families with children running amok, and the like. i think we were happier to be with the crowd we were with.
there you have it, old friend. all of my doings of late. i hope this letter finds you well. i look forward to hearing from you soon…
the silver lizard