stress is the operative word here this week. we have been processing so many new patients lately, that once again i feel buried in job security. i need to develope a new rythem for my work, as this pace is likely not going to slow down any. thinking of all those people being referred to us for infectios disease consults… hmmmm
the woman who trained me gives me the most challenge with my work rythem. she is a genuinley warm hearted person, but she is about the bossiest person ive ever met. she means well, and wants the front office to run smoothly, and it is truely important to get the details right. its just her sense of timing that sucks. she will just interupt whatever im doing and feels it is her responsibility to direct my work. eh heh heh.
it isnt.
so i have been feeling in a constant rush for several weeks now. even when i get home. got to get my rythem back…