i am so tired! work has been….work!

i set the appointments at the clinic i work at. i do a lot more than that, but that is my primary position. that alone involves more than meets the eye. for one thing, i also take new patient referral information. when another doctor wants to send a patient to us for a consult on something he/she is treating, they call us. i and another girl take most of these kinds of calls. they involve getting the basic information on the patient, the referring doctor, and the insurance. then we have to get some records faxed to us. after that, the third lady who worked in the front office verifies the insurance coverage and benefits. then i take all the paperwork and put together the chart, and mail forms to the new patient. somewhere in there i also enter the patient information into our system and set the appointment. since i have been there, the busiest i have been with this particular process has been maybe 10-12 new charts in a day.

this last week, i have had 3 times as many new patients to make appointments and charts for. this is all while still handling my usual daily routines, which consist of scheduling followups and post hospital follow ups, rescheduling some people, and checking in and back out the daily patients. plus entering the charges for the prior day. and then anything extra to help the other two women, or either of the two nurses. compound this with all the new patient referrals still coming in….and you get the picture.

i have been buried in job security this week….(pant pant….collapse).

so…how was your week?