ah dogs.

i like dogs. even though i am a cat person, i still have room in my heart and home for the canine members of the pack. and a good dog is made by a good dog owner.

not that i’m the dog police. i really pay little attention to the dogs in the yards around me, as long as they are cared for and all, other than to watch them sometimes. we have some funny dogs in the immediate vicinity.

but the one to the south of is is beginning to be a pain. he didn’t used to be this bad, but he is becoming another ‘c’. ‘c’ used to live behind us, and barked incessantly at us whenever we were in the back yard and he was in his back yard. not just a ‘bark bark’, but a ‘ see you as an intruder of my domain and i will tear you apart snarl bark’. even when his owner was in the back yard with him, he would do this. and she would let him. he wouldn’t stop until either we went in, or he did. clearly, he did not believe his owner was privy to the threat he thought he saw. or else he was a crazy old dog.

i haven’t seen ‘c’ in a while now. i think he went on to the rainbow bridge. but now ‘w’ is taking his place. to the south of us. he is a younger dog, with a much more shrill bark. quite disrupts my brain when he’s going at it. his owner will on occassion come get him, but not often. i’m quite convinced ‘w’ thinks it is his duty to protect the nieghborhood from all cats and people. our dogs, however, are his friends.

ah dogs.