she came into the clinic with a relative. she seemed kind of out of it, like not fully coherent. i figured her to be about 60, based on her graying hair and lack of teeth.she just looked older. her relative did all the talking, and took care of getting the consent forms signed properly. she didn’t seem to know what was really being asked of her. 

with the preliminaries out of the way she was called back for her visit. some time later she left.

the nurse came up front shortly afterwards, some what disturbed over the patient visit. apart from what she was actually being seen for, it was surprising to all of us to hear she was actually younger than the nurse, who is early forty something. but the woman is a meth addict.

this is the face of methamphetamine. aged, distorted, grayed, confused. no wonder, with the plethora of household ingredients that go into the making of this toxic mess. drain cleaner, brake fluid, pine cleaner, bleach, or whatever the current cook has a fancy for.

its not difficult to comprehend addiction. what’s difficult for me to get is why anyone would get started on this in the first place. but the ingredients are cheap. and this makes for a cheap drug, easily accessed. and that, i guess, is the reason so many people begin the descent down the spiral, tangled in the branches of the crystalline entity.