this post is a response to a post i read recently by melisa. it moved me.
i dont find it proposterous that there was a God who made evrything. i find it proposterous that He be thought of as an old man. the bible describes Him as light, fire, and life itself.
that He made man’s body out of the ground is not surprising, since He made the world with His word, and everything else was pulled from that. but the man was made from the breath, God being life itself. and the woman from the man, because she wasnt to be a separate creature, but his counter part. in the same way, the church, refered to as the bride,  was ‘taken’ out of Jesus’ side when He was crucified and all that blood spilled out. God has always been telling us what He’s going to do, long before He does it, so we recognize it when it happens.
the bible doesnt mention dinosaurs that i am aware of. it doesnt mention a lot of animals that i know of, in genesis or anywhere else. it does mention some sea creatures and some very large land creatures that we dont have now. and it doesnt say that there never were any dinosaurs. it isnt the bible that contends with the idea of creatures evolving or mutating. it is the religious world that does all the contending. i know this…in texas there is a creek bed with fosilized footprints of both man and dinosuar, determined to be of the same age. i know that the carbon dating system isnt fool proof. neither is the fosil record very clear, if not downright mixed up.
and lastly, i have also heard that faith is the answer. faith. just faith. but having just faith is not possible. one has to has something or someone to have faith in. its better if that something or someone is real, but some people have lots of faith in things that arent real to anybody but themselves.
it may seem a paradox that to meet a God you cant see takes faith, and yet if you arent sure He is real how can you have faith. well faith is a choice, not a result. we test the reality of some things by faith. we see the eveidence of some things in the lives of other people. sometimes we just dont see things till we open up to the possibilty they are real.
there are many gods presented to us to have faith in. all with plans that depend on man at some point to earn, gain, or attain to salvation, redmption, perfection, god-hood. but there is only one Who has ever given us a plan of salvation that depended entirely on what He did to accomplish it, and where all we had to do was take Him at His word to receive it.
i found faith was not the answer. Jesus was. faith is what gave me access to Him, and all He has to offer. that faith, i put in His word. and He hasnt forfeited on it yet.