i sit inside my head all day, looking out through my eyes at the world. i feel so alone. alone in my head. like i have no way out, and no one can get in.

and yet my head is such a busy place. there are thoughts flying around like so many scattered birds with nowhere to light. hard to keep track of, hard to follow any one of them.

the heat bears down here, like an angry tyrant punishing the commoners. makes it hard to think. feels like forever. but i know winter is coming. but i know winter, light the heralded knight in on the white horse, is coming to rescue me from the summer sun’s furious pounding.


describing this is more difficult than i thought it would be. this unruly, mixed flock of birds… so many grand ideas i have while i am out. and then i sit to write, and where are all those eloquent things i was going to say?