dear mr gentry,
ah kin not beleeve the measures some people will stoop to tuh git fame and self gloryfycation fer themselves. ah beleeve ya’ll have showed me, however.
ah am most ashamed of yew sir.
ah would lak tuh remind ya’ll that a red neck an’ a yeller belly tuhgether make somethin’ ornge. now, the only theng ah kin thenk of raght off the bat thet is ornge, is a fruit. are yew a fruit, mr gentry?
in laght of the seriousness of yer actions upon this tamed baar, specificly shootin’ it in an inclosure with a long raynge weapon such as a bow an’ arruh, i would highly recommend thet you also be put into an inclosure alongst with some folks of the real preditory nature. ah’m most certin thet they will give yew a fair chase. doncha thenk? perhayps thet would help yew understaynd the plaght of thet per baar, whose name was cubby.
yer most non fan